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As the northernmost township in Adams County, Latimore is situated approximately 22 miles southwest of Harrisburg and twelve miles north of Gettysburg.

The township is bounded on the north by Franklin and Washington Townships, on the east by Reading Township, on the south by Huntington Township, and on the west by South Middleton Township.

Service Day Reminder!
Service Day Reminder!
Board of Supervisors

The Latimore Township Board of Supervisors

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Dan Worley, Kevin Kauffman & Woody Myers, would like to thank the residents of Latimore Township for the privilege of serving in office. Our goals while in office are to preserve our open spaces, conservatively manage taxpayer money, encourage communication among the residents, remain technologically up-to-date, and serve the community.

The Board of Supervisors meets the second Monday of each month starting at 6:00 P.M.

Recycling Center

Latimore Township began a volunteer recycling program in 1990 and became the first Adams County community to introduce a volunteer township-sponsored recycling program. Since that time, it has become the home of a successful recycling center and continues to be run by volunteers. If you are interested in lending a hand, please contact the Recycling Coordinator, Sam Giardullo at (717) 712-4530. All proceeds are donated to the Adams County Rescue Mission. The recycling building is open every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon (except Holidays). Please see the Accepted List of Recyclables and the Waste Management Schedule.

Zoning Board

Zoning regulates the use of land and structures through the adoption of a zoning ordinance designed to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. Zoning encourages certain development to create an attractive community, while also preserving natural and historic features and to assist in flood control and farmland preservation. The zoning ordinance and the zoning map establish standards and delineate the boundaries of the specific districts created in the ordinance. Access the Zoning Permit Application & Subdivision & Land Development Plan Guidelines.

Historical Notes

The Carlisle and Hanover pike road build in 1810 runs through the western part of the Township. In 1833 John Walsh built a covered bridge over Latimore Creek for $900. In 1853 John Finley built the Bermudian bridge on the Dillsburg and East Berlin Road, near Basermans Mill, for $1,360... Continue Reading

Latimore Township Park

The park is located at 711 Pondtown Road in Latimore Township. Youth soccer organizations, little leagues, and lacrosse clubs use the park for various activities and gatherings. If you would like to visit the park or reserve its use for your organization, please see the Park Regulations & the Park Rental Agreement. Please also see Ordinance 2019-1.

Planning Commission

The planning commission oversees community development and insures that the infrastructure is properly prepared. It advises the board of supervisors on matters relating to planning and community needs, including subdivision proposals and development plans as well as any other activites specified in the Municipal Planning Code. The commission prepares amendments to ordinances if needed or required.

Police Department

The Latimore Township Police Department may be contacted at (717) 528-4121 or emailed at latimorepd@latimore.org. During times when the Latimore Township Police Department is off-duty, township residents may request the services of the Pennsylvania State Police. The Pennsylvania State Police is a full service police force. For non-emergency service calls you may contact the State Police at (717) 334-8111. Always dial 911 in the event of an emergency. 

Fireworks Permit Application

Ordinance number 2009-2 requires anyone wanting to use or display fireworks to obtain a permit prior to any such usage or display. Permit applications can also be obtained at the township building during normal business hours or from the link above. The permit must be approved by the Chief of police. There is a ten dollar ($10.00) fee for the permit payable to Latimore Township. If you have any questions please call the Police office at 717 528-4121. 


Road Department

Contact Woody Myers at the office (717) 528-7013 or by cell at (717) 514-3978.

Fire Departments

Latimore Township supports the York Springs & Lake Meade Fire Companies and Ambulance Services.